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Home Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool covers are a great way to protect your pool and gain heat retention for the water. We feature some of the highest quality solar pool covers available today, with manufactures like Diamond, Midwest Canvas and Solar-EZ, inc.
The solar pool covers are cut to the APPROXIMATE pool size shown and should be cut to fit. The solar pool cover does not need to fit the pool exactly and small variances in length or width will not adversely affect the benefit of its use.

Above Ground Solar Pool Covers


Heavy-duty polyethylene material works with the sun to catch and retain heat. This helps raise the water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day and retaining the heat at night. Solar pool covers while on the pool stop heat loss due to evaporation. Solar pool covers can effectively extend your swimming pool season. If you heat your swimming pool, your utility bill can be significantly reduced using one of our solar pool covers. The Solar Cover material is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays which inhibit deterioration. These solar covers are available in a range of grades and standard sizes. Custom sizes can be special ordered.

EcoSavr Solar Cover
EcoSavr Solar Fish
Premium Blue Solar Cover
Premium Blue Solar Pool Cover
Solar Pill
Solar Pill
Space Age Solar Cover
Space Age Solar Pool Cover
Super Clear Solar Cover
Super Clear Solar Cover





InGround Solar Pool Covers


We offer several grades and styles of solar pool covers including liquid solar covers and round solar pool covers. All pool covers work by reducing evaporation and heat loss. Solar Sun Rings lie in a pattern on your swimming pool surface. Even though they do not cover the pool completely they still greatly reduce evaporation and collect solar energy due to their design. Liquid solar covers work by creating an invisible film on the pool surface reducing heat loss due to evaporation.

EcoSavr Solar Fish
EcoSavr Solar Fish
Premium Blue Inground Solar Cover
Premium Blue Solar Cover
Solar Pill
Solar Pill
Space Age Solar Cover
Space Age Solar Cover
Super Clear Solar Cover
Super Clear Solar Cover




Solar Pool Covers help retain the heat in your pool in several ways. Some Solar Pool Covers use a liquid film to reduce the loss of heat during the day and night, and the loss of water by evaporation. Some solar pool covers use air bubbles to absorb as much sunlight as possible during the day, keeping the pool warm day and night.
Solar Pool Covers are also known as Solar Blankets. Our Solar Blankets come in various shapes and sizes, and in several colors. There are round solar covers, square/rectangle covers, fish-shaped solar covers, clear pool covers, colored solar covers. Your pool also doesn't have to be completely covered by the solar pool blankets for you to have the benefit of the solar blanket. As long as there is enough coverage you'll be experiencing longer pool usage time.
Using a solar pool cover is a great and economical way to keep your pool warm.


Home Solar Pool Covers

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Swimming Solar Pool Covers