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Home Solar Covers Super Clear Solar Cover

Pool Solar Cover


Super Clear In Ground Pool Solar Cover

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Save Money and Energy with our New & Exclusive Super Clear Swimming Pool Solar Blankets! Featuring a commercial grade 14 mil thickness and raised bubbles for extra surface area, our Super Clear solar blankets let the heat of the sun warm your pool water and help keep the heat in the pool where it belongs! A very energy friendly product made in the USA from the highest quality resin, the Super Clear blanket will provide years of service keeping the heat and chemicals in your pool and out of the air!

  • Our high quality Super Clear InGround solar blanket allows maximum sunlight absorption to your pool water.
  • Does a great job of keeping heat and chemicals in the pool and out of the atmosphere! (However, we don't recommend shocking your pool with the cover on)
  • An excellent way to conserve energy and harness the free btu's of the sun
  • Made from extra strong commercial grade 14 Mil material
  • Raised bubble surface gives more surface area for heat capture. Simply put more heat stays in the pool.
  • May be cut to size for irregular shaped pools
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor pools
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 1 - 2


SuperClear 14 Mil 5 year
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
CRE14-1224 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 12X24 Rectangle FREE $133.43 $88.95 $44.48
CRE14-1632 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 16X32 Rectangle FREE $208.43 $138.95 $69.48
CRE14-1636 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 16x36 Rectangle FREE $248.93 $165.95 $82.98
CRE14-1836 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 18X36 Rectangle FREE $274.43 $182.95 $91.48
CRE14-2040 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 20X40 Rectangle FREE $413.93 $275.95 $137.98
CRE14-2044 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 20X44 Rectangle FREE $562.43 $374.95 $187.48
CRE14-2444 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 24X44 Rectangle FREE $562.43 $374.95 $187.48
SuperClear 14 Mil Special Order Sizes
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
CRE14-1428 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 14X28 Rectangle FREE $179.93 $119.95 $59.98
CRE14-1624 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 16X24 Rectangle FREE $179.93 $119.95 $59.98
CRE14-1630 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 16X30 Rectangle FREE $223.43 $148.95 $74.48
CRE14-1634 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 16X34 Rectangle FREE $260.93 $173.95 $86.98
CRE14-1832 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 18X32 Rectangle FREE $280.43 $186.95 $93.48
CRE14-1640 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 16X40 Rectangle FREE $296.93 $197.95 $98.98
CRE14-1840 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 18X40 Rectangle FREE $332.93 $221.95 $110.98
CRE14-2036 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 20X36 Rectangle FREE $367.43 $244.95 $122.48
CRE14-2141 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 21X41 Rectangle FREE $628.43 $418.95 $209.48
CRE14-2440 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 24X40 Rectangle FREE $661.43 $440.95 $220.48
CRE14-2650 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 26X50 Rectangle FREE $826.43 $550.95 $275.48
CRE14-3050 Super-Clear Solar Cover 14Mil 30X50 Rectangle FREE $875.93 $583.95 $291.98

OPTIONAL ITEMS : Additional Accessories that can accompany the above products.
Item No Description Freight List Price Price Save  
NS586 24Ft X 39" Solar Poly Tarp FREE $46.43 $30.95 $15.48
101 Strap Kit- To Attach Solar Blanket To Solar Reel- Fits All In-Ground Reels And Solar Covers FREE $56.93 $37.95 $18.98
NS582 18Ft X 39" Solar Poly Tarp FREE $56.93 $37.95 $18.98
NS580 16Ft X 39" Solar Poly Tarp FREE $58.43 $38.95 $19.48
NS584 20Ft X 39" Solar Poly Tarp FREE $61.43 $40.95 $20.48




Home Solar Covers Super Clear Solar Cover

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Super Clear Solar Cover