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Swimming Pool Filter

Hayward Pentair

Swimming Pool Filter

Check out our  large collection of  Diatomaceous Earth (D.E), Sand and Cartridge filters for Your Pool and Spa from brand name company like Pentair (Pacfab) and Hayward.

Clearwater D.E Pool, Spa, BathClearwater D.E | Crystal Water D.E
Designed for today's most demanding installation, the crystal water D.E. filter ses a new standard of performance and features for pool filter.
FNS Filter -Diatomaceous Earth Filter Pentair Pool Filter- Sand Dollar Sand FilterFNS Plus Filters | Warrior Filters | Quad D.E Pool Filters
Trap more dirt. Clean less often - Filtering with diatomaceous earth (D.E) results not just in clean water, but water that really sparkles.  That's because D.E. filters remove particles as small as 3-5 microns.
Pro-Grid - Vertical Grid DE filter Hayward Pool Filter -Sand Dollar Sand Filter Hayward MicroClear- Vertical Grid DE Filter | Perflex Extended-Cycle DE Filter (In Ground) | Perflex Extended-Cycle DE Filter (Above Ground)
Diatomaceous earth is a porous powder with microscopic openings, that, when magnified, look like tiny sponges...

Sand filter Pool, Spa, BathClearwater Sand
Rugged, corrosion proof, high filtration area, and one piece body....
Tagelus Sand Filter Pentair Pool Filter- Sand Dollar Sand FilterTagelus Top Mount Filters | Triton II Side Mount Filters | Sand Dollar Top Mount Filters
Sand filters are one of the most popular way to filter water.  For good reasons.  They are simple, effective, and require very little attention.  Pool water is routed through a sand-filled pressure vessel.
Pro-Series - Side Mount Sand Filter Hayward Pool Filter -Sand Dollar Sand FilterPro-Series Plus- Side Mount Sand Filters | Pro Series- Side Mount Sand Filters | Pro Series- Top Mount Sand Filters
High - Rate Sand Filters - Sand is the oldest and most popular method of filtration.
Filtering Media Zeobest Sand, D.E. & Misc. Filter Accessories
Keep your system operating at peak performance by regularly replacing the filtering media

Quad D.E.™ Cartridge Style Filter
Quad D.E.™ combines the finest filtration available for the most sparkling clear water with the convenience and easy-cleaning features usually found only in a cartridge filter. Four easily accessible and removable D.E. cartridges simplify maintenance and save time.
Crystal Water D.E Pool, Spa, BathIn-Ground Cartridge Filters
Large filtration, small footprint, and high flow...
Crystal Water Cartridge Filter Pool, Spa, BathCrystal Water Cartridge Filter
Combining high technology features and an easy to service design, the Crystal Water Cartridge Filter is ideal for new and replacement installations...
Clean & Clear Plus - Cartridge Filter Pentair Pool Filter- Sand Dollar Sand FilterClean and Clear Plus | Clean and Clear
Carefree ... by design - Looking for top-end filter performance with the lowest maintenance?  Look at a cartridge filter
Star Clear Hayward Pool Filter -Sand Dollar Sand FilterStar-Clear Plus | Star-Clear & Star-Clear II | Super Star-Clear™ Filters
Cartridges filtration has been available for a relatively long time, but has only recently begun to enjoy rapid growth and acceptance.

Pentair manufactures a complete line of sand filters, diatomaceous earth filters, and cartridge filters for residential and commercial pool installations. Pentair filters are engineered to help keep pools clean and crystal clear, with a minimum of maintenance. They're built tough to stand up to pool chemicals, corrosion, and the elements, providing years of trouble-free service.

There's nothing like the sparkling water
of a Hayward filter!

Hayward offers three methods of filtration
The three most popular types of filtration currently in use in residential pools and spas are:




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Hayward, Pentair, Waterway Swimming Pool Filter Featuring Diatomaceous earth filter, Sand Dollar Sand Filter and Cartridge filter.

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