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Home Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Keep your pool clean, clear, and refreshing all summer with BlueWave's, elispse3 extensive line of swimming pool products. The Blue Wave« line-up includes only the highest quality products. Manufactured using only the purest ingredients, Blue Wave« gives you the most bang for your buck! Unlike cheap look-alikes, Blue Wave« products will not stain your pool, cause clouding water, or excessive foaming.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Pool Algaecides

Here is our selection of algaecides for your swimming pool.
Pool Algaecides can help prevent the growth of algae or can help kill algae that has grown in your swimming pool.

Algaestroy Pool Algaecide
Aqua Pill Pool Algaecide
Aqua Pill Algaecide
Black Swimming Pool Algaecide
Black Algaecide
Copper 7 Pool Algaecide
Copper 7
Halt Pool Algaecide
Halt Algaecide
Poly 30 Pool Algaecide
Poly 30
Poly 60 Pool Algaecide
Poly 60


Pool Bromine

Our swimming pool bromine is pH balanced so it is less harsh on skin, eyes, hair, and swimwear. Plus, pool bromine produces no chlorine odor, making it ideal for indoor swimming pools. Since bromine dissolves at a much slower rate than chlorine, it must be dispensed by an automatic feeder. Very effective especially at higher water temps.

Bromine Tablet for Swimming Pools
Bromine Tablet


Pool Chlorine

These chlorine tablets are produced under a strict quality-controlled tabletting process, which guarantees the optimum hardness of each tablet. This keeps tablets from dissolving too rapidly and ensures proper chlorine dosages 24 hours a day. You will find that our chlorine dissolves completely with no residue.

Chlorine Sticks for Pools
Chlorine Sticks
Granular Chlorine for Swimming Pools
Granular Chlorine
1inch Chlorine Tablets
1" Chlorine Tablets
3inch Chlorine Tablets
3" Chlorine Tablets


Pool Chemical Kits

Hand held cleaners to clean easy to reach portions of your pool or spa that automatic cleaners usually miss, such as steps. With battery powered swimming pool cleaners you do not need any hoses, electrical cords, suction lines, or booster pumps. Debris is trapped in the on-board, reusable, easy to clean all-purpose filter bag.

Large Pool Chemicals Sample Kit
Large Sample Kit
Small Pool Chemicals Sample Kit
Small Sample Kit
Large Season Supply Kit- Pool Chemicals
Season Supply Kit Large
Small Season Supply Kit- Pool Chemicals
Season Supply Kit Small
Swimming Pool Startup Kit
Startup Kit
Chlorine Base Pool Chemical Kit
Chlorine Base Kit
Chlorine Free Pool Chemical Kit
Chlorine Free Kit
Pool Anti Freeze
Pool Anti Freeze
Spring Pill
Spring Pill
Pool Winter Pill
Winter Pill



Pool Cleaning Agents

Our specialty cleaners make it easy to maintain the appearance and performance of your pool & increase the life of your pool equipment.

Clean N' Clear Pool Chemicals
Clean N' Clear
Fast Rinse Pool Cleaning Agent
Fast Rinse
Filter Clean Pool Cleaning Agent
Filter Clean
Pool Filter Cleaner
Filter Cleaner
Quick Wash Pool Cleaning Agent
Quick Wash
Salt Protect Pool Cleaning Agent
Salt Protect
Pool Tile & Vinyl Cleaner
Tile & Vinyl Cleaner
Total Tile Care System Pool Cleaner
Total Tile Care System
Zeo Filter Cleaner
Zeo Filter Cleaner


Pool Clarifier

Pool Water Clarifiers coagulate particles in your pool water for easy, more efficient removal by your filter. Count on our super concentrated clarifiers to clear up your cloudy water, and make it shimmer! Enjoy crystal clear sparkling water in your pool all season long.

Aqua Pill Pool Water Clarifier
Aqua Pill Clarifier
Aqua Pill Phosphate Pool Water Clarifier
Aqua Pill Phosphate
Complete Pool Care
Complete Pool Care
Shimmer Pool Water Clarifier
Super Clarifier Pool Water Clarifier
Super Clarifier
Super Floc Pool Water Clarifier
Super Floc


Pool Closing/Winterizing Kits

These handy kits are everything you need to close your pool this fall. All kits are formulated for specific pool sizes - just order the kit to fit your pool. Close your pool properly this fall and be ensured a sparkling clean pool next spring. All kits include free pool closing instructions.

Chlorine Base Pool Closing Kit
Chlorine Base Kit
Chlorine Free Pool Closing Kit
Chlorine Free Kit
Swimming Pool Anti Freeze
Pool Anti Freeze
Winter Pill Pool Closing Kit
Winter Pill


Pool Shock

These work off the return of water coming into your swimming pool. They have their own easy to clean filters which leaves your pool filtration system free to eliminate impurities and sanitize your pool water.

Dura Shock
Dura Shock
Hit Hard Pool Shock
Hit Hard
Shock II No-Chlor Pool Shock
Shock II No-Chlor
Yellow Shock and Clean Pool Shock
Yellow Shock and Clean


Pool Startup/Opening Kits

FEATURING POWERFUL CHLORINE SHOCK! Blue Wave«'s spring start-up kits contain everything you need to open your pool this spring. We've pre-formulated and pre-measured each kit to fit your pool size. All you have to do is pour each product into the pool as instructed.

Spring Pill Pool Startup
Spring Pill
Pool Start-up Kit
Start-up Kit


Pool Stain and Mineral/Oxidation Control

Use swimming pool stain and mineral products regularly to remove existing stains and prevent the formation of new stains caused by metals like Iron, Copper, Manganese and Cobalt.

Sparkle Conquest
Sparkle Conquest
Super Rust & Scale Remover
Super Rust & Scale


Test Strips for Pools

Designed with the pool and spa owner in mind, Pool Check™ test strips offer quick, reliable results in a single dip. Economically priced, Pool Check™ offers a wide variety of multi-parameter tests ideal to meet all of our customer's testing needs.

3in1 Pool Check Test Strips
3in1 Pool Check
3in1 Low Chlorine Pool Check
3in1 Low Chlorine
4in1 Pool Test Strips
4in1 Test Strips
5in1 Pool Check
5in1 Pool Check
6in1 Pool Check
6in1 Pool Check
Copper Test Strips
Copper Test Strips
MPS Spa Check
MPS Spa Check
Phosphate Test Strips
Phosphate Test Strips
Quick Bacteria Pool Test
Quick Bacteria Test
Salt Check for Swimming Pool
Salt Check
Spa Check
Spa Check
TDS Pool Test Strips
TDS Test Strips
Swiming Pool Test Kits 752
Test Kits 752
Swiming Pool Test Kits 782
Test Kits 782


Water Balancers

These pool water balancers will ensure that you are getting the most effective use of your chemicals. Test daily to ensure that pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid (stabilizer) are within the correct levels.

Alkalinity Increaser Water Balancer
Alkalinity Increaser
Hardness Increaser
Hardness Increaser
pH Increaser Water Balancers
pH Increaser
pH Reducer
pH Reducer
Stabilizer Pool Water Balancer






Home Pool Chemicals

Startup Kits
Opening Kits
Zeobrite« The alternative to sand


Pool Alarms


Patio Heaters
Table Top Heaters


Color Fall


Spa Accessories



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Swimming Pool Chemicals